1. Programs & Services

    Review a list of services we offer our employees.

  2. General Liability

    The liability program covers members for bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, and errors and omissions.

  3. Insurance Programs

    We offer short term and long term disability, life and dental insurance among other insurance programs.

  4. Property Program

    The Property Program provides its members the protection they need from physical damage to property. The Property program provides all-risk, boiler and machinery and DIC (earthquake and flood) coverage.

  5. Risk Control Services

    We offer ergonomics program services, training resources, and risk assessments.

  6. Vehicle Program

    The Vehicle program was established in 1991 and provides comprehensive and collision coverage for licensed vehicles and attached equipment owned and/or leased by the member.

  7. Wellness

    Implemented in January 1995 by the MPA Board of Directors, this program offers member employees information and hands-on instruction towards leading healthier lives.

  8. Workers' Compensation

    Our program is self-administered and utilizes several strategies, from date of injury through claim resolution, to provide appropriate benefits while controlling costs.

  9. Members Login

    This is a Portal Page for all MPA clients to access their secured information.