Wellness Program

Mind ~ Body ~ Wellness 

Implemented in January 1995 by the MPA Board of Directors, this program offers the employees of our Members with information and hands-on instruction towards leading healthier lives.   The program is directed by Linda Cox who can be contacted at (415) 515-6017 or lcox@mpa-nc.com. The goal is to provide high quality on-site programs to improve employees’ health and sense of well-being, while limiting the high cost of healthcare.

The Wellness Program was enhanced in Fiscal Year 2018-19 to include the addition of several services. 

  • Wellness Fair: The annual wellness fairs include Non-Fasting Total Cholesterol/HDL/Glucose Screenings, Blood Pressure Screenings, Osteoporosis Screenings, Fitness Testing, Body Composition Testing, Stretch Testing, Chair Massages.
  • CPR, First Aid & AED Training: MPA provides member cities with a CPR, First Aid & AED training class annually.
  • Spring Walk-n-Lunch: The Spring Walk-n-Lunch is open to all employees who want to join their co-workers on a selected date for a noon-time walk. After the walk, MPA provides lunch to all who participate.
  • Chair Massage Day (summer and fall): MPA provides two chair massage days each year for the member cities' employees. MPA hosts a three hour session on chair massage days .
  • Fitness Day (summer and fall): MPA provides member cities with two fitness days each year. MPA hosts a 50 minute fitness class for the member cities’ employees to learn new exercise techniques that encourage Mind-Body-Wellness.
    In lieu of in-person Fitness Day, MPA hosts live virtual 1-hour fitness classes Mondays and Wednesdays at 6:00pm. Pre-recorded 30-minute classes are available for viewing at your convenience
  • Live Cooking Class: MPA hosts a live 1-hour virtual cooking class for employees to learn about preparing healthy dishes at 6:00pm on the last Thursday of the month.
  • Click here to join live classes and find links to various recorded videos, playlists and more!
FACT: Employees who lead healthy lifestyles, use less sick time and are generally happier, and more productive employees.
Fall Participation Challenge 2022
  1. Employee Assistance Program (EAP) through Claremont

    MPA’s EAP program administered through Claremont was established in 2000 and provides employees assistance with relationship issues, stress, anxiety, depression and other emotional health issues. Clinical support can be accessed by face-to-face counseling, telephonic consultations or web-video consultations.

  2. Health & Wellness provided by Sedgwick

    Sedgwick provides information that focuses in improving employee wellness.