Wellness Program

Mind ~ Body ~ Wellness 

Implemented in January 1995 by the MPA Board of Directors, this program offers Member Citys' employees information and hands-on instruction towards leading healthier lives.   The program is directed by Victoria Thomas who can be contacted at (925) 943-1100 vthomas@mpa-nc.com. The goal is to provide high quality on-site programs to improve employees’ health and sense of well-being, while limiting the high cost of healthcare.

The Wellness Program was enhanced in Fiscal Year 2018-19 to include the addition of several services. The services provided through the Wellness Program are:

  • Wellness Fair: the annual wellness fairs include Non-Fasting Total Cholesterol/HDL/Glucose Screenings, Blood Pressure Screenings, Osteoporosis Screenings, Fitness Testing, Body Composition Testing, Stretch Testing, Chair Massages.
  • CPR, First Aid & AED Training: MPA provides Member Cities with a CPR, First Aid & AED training class annually.
  • Spring Walk-n-Lunch: The Spring Walk-n-Lunch is open to all employees who want to join their co-workers on a selected date for a noon-time walk. After the walk, MPA provides lunch to all who participate.
  • Chair Massage Day (summer and fall): MPA provides Member cities with two chair massage days each year. MPA hosts a three hour chair massage session for the Member cities’ employees.
  • Fitness Day (summer and fall): MPA provides Member cities with two fitness days each year. MPA hosts a 50 minute fitness class for the Member cities’ employees to learn new exercise techniques that encourage Mind-Body-Wellness.
FACT: Employees who lead healthy lifestyles, use less sick time and are generally happier, and more productive employees.

Virtual Class Schedule:
Fitness Classes are held on Tuesdays 9am, 12pm & 3pm, and Thursdays 9am & 3pm
Cooking Classes are held on Thursdays at 11am
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