Risk Management Police Committee (RMPC)

The Risk Management Police Committee (RMPC), formerly known as the Risk Management Training Advisory Committee (RMTAC), is comprised of both MPA staff as well as supervisory representatives from Member Police Departments who serve in in decision-making and leadership roles. The RMPC meets several times annually, with the goals of (1) providing support to MPA Members’ police communities in establishing best practices and protocols for addressing risk management and safety, and (2) identifying strategies to help mitigate the frequency and severity of General Liability and Workers’ Compensation claims. 

The RMPC Committee is led by Erwin Chang, MPA General Liability Manager, who can be contacted at (925) 482-0015 or

Public Works & Safety Committee

In coordination with MPA Staff and Sedgwick Risk Control, the Public Works and Safety Committee holds three meetings per Fiscal Year to address topical issues that directly relate to supporting MPA public workers’ needs. 

The Public Works & Safety Committee is led by Barbara Esquivel, MPA Workers' Compensation Manager, who can be contacted at (925) 482-0010 or

Wellness Committee

The Wellness Committee serves as the main representative that plans workplace wellness events for Members and communicates with MPA regarding the status of the Wellness Program. The Wellness Committee is comprised of at least one employee from each Member that participates in MPA’s Wellness Program, who then act as primary contacts to coordinate wellness services and events with MPA’s Administrative Services Supervisor. Once per year, the Wellness Committee meets to brainstorm opportunities and goals that cater to MPA employees' mental and physical wellness. The Committee also consults with the Members' representatives to ensure that workplace wellness strategies and services meet the needs of their workforce. 

The Wellness Committee is directed by Linda Cox, Chief Administrative Officer, who can be contacted at (415) 515-6017or