Coverage & Governance Committee

The Coverage and Governance Committee meets annually, or upon special requests to review liability issues that arise during the year. The C&G Committee reviews the General Liability Memorandum of Coverage and on occasion, the Workers' Compensation Memorandum of Coverage, the JPA Agreement and the MPA Bylaws. The C&G Committee also addresses issues referred to it by the Board of Directors or Executive Committee.

RepresentativeMember AgencyBoard of Directors Position
Executive Committee PositionPhone Number
Sukari Beshears
 Primary Member
(925) 516-5131
Tracy RobinsonLafayettePrimary Member
Ex Officio
Primary Member
Ex Officio
(925) 299-3227
Mike ChandlerMartinezVice PresidentVice President(925) 372-3517
Rob EwingDanvillePrimary Member 
(925) 314-3383
Erwin ChangMunicipal Pooling Authority

(925) 482-0015