How does our liability SIR work?
Each member decides the SIR amount with which they are comfortable (current range is $5,000 - $250,000 per occurrence). A member can set a new SIR at the beginning of each policy year, July 1st. When MPA receives a covered claim, MPA pays any defense costs on that claim up front. Once a member's SIR is exhausted, its only exposure is if the total cost of the claim (defense costs, plus any settlement or verdict) exceeds the total liability policy limits.

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1. What is our total amount of liability coverage?
2. Do defense costs (attorney fees, expert costs, etc.) erode our policy limits?
3. How does our liability SIR work?
4. How do I submit a Liability claim to MPA?
5. How should I respond when claimants call with questions in response to official notices sent by the City on their claims?