Where does an employee go for medical treatment?
In case of serious or life-threatening injury or illness, report to the nearest emergency room. In all other cases, employees are to go to the City’s designated occupational medical facility. Report the injury to Company Nurse. Company Nurse will direct you the nearest preferred provider.

If the employee has properly completed and submitted a pre-designated personal physician” to treat in the event of a work-related injury, the employee may go to that physician for initial treatment. A pre-designation form must be on file prior to the injury.

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1. Where does an employee go for medical treatment?
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5. If an employee misses work time to attend medical treatment appointments, does he/she get paid under workers’ compensation?
6. When can an employee return to work after an injury?
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8. If my claim is delayed, how long does my employer/MPA have to make a decision?
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